About Us


Tennis Court Construction Company of Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville’s first tennis court contractor, was founded by John Brevard Sr. in 1959. John’s company philosophy was simple, give the customer an excellent product at a competitive price, a philosophy that his son, John Brevard Jr. has continued to this day. You might say that John Jr. ‘cut his teeth’ on the tennis court business because as early as he can remember, John was cutting out tennis courts and squeegying paint. This tough but rewarding on-the-job training reinforced the importance of providing a top-of-the-line finished product which led John to purchase National Paint’s ‘Color Court’ coatings in 2001. By improving the manufacturing process, John was able to maintain the high level of quality control which made his father a success for decades. John sold Tennis Court Construction in 2002, but continues to manufacture Color Court in Nashville, shipping to numerous locations around the country. From Nashville’s country stars to recreation areas in Hawaii, we continue to pride ourselves on providing an excellent product at a competitive price.