The COLOR COURT® surfacing system is a series of heavy duty, interrelated products with excellent intercoat adhesion for multi-layer surf acing and in-depth color on all new and existing hard or cushion surf aces, indoors and out. We offer the COLOR COURT® Filler/Finish in the five popular standard colors, as well as a custom mix service for special needs.


COLOR COURT® COLOR FILLER/FINISH. This is the colorful acrylic latex filler/finish that has ear ned inter national acclaim for its beauty, durability, playability and economy. It seals, beautifies and protects surf aces while providing a long lasting non-skid surf ace. Available in light green, dark green, red, royal blue and tan.

COLOR COURT® ACRYLIC RESURFACER. A special blend of acrylic resins, bonding agents, sand and other additives used to fill, seal and prepare asphalt surf aces prior to coating with COLOR COURT FILLER/FINISH. Use this acrylic resurfacer to (1) Seal rough and porous asphalt. (2) Fill in bird baths or low areas. (3) Serve as a primer for bonding to old or weathered asphalt. (4) Add years of protection to any asphalt playing area.

COLOR COURT® CUSHION COURT. CUSHION COURT is made with 100% acrylic resins, bonding agents, rubber and other additives. It is used to fill, seal and rubberize asphalt surf aces prior to coating with the COLOR COURT FINISH SYSTEM.

To assist our customers in achieving professional application results we offer a complete line of supplemental products such as roller squeegees, line markers, masking tape, tennis nets and posts. And of course our personal offer of consultation and assistance is readily available at any time you have a need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


620 AR 55 gallons Acrylic resurfacer
630-100 55 gallons Red concentrate
631-100 55 gallons Light green concentrate
632-100 55 gallons Dark green concentrate
615-100 55 gallons Royal blue concentrate
616-100 55 gallons Patriot Blue Concentrate
613-100 55 gallons Tan concentrate
626-100 55 gallons Cushion court
620-rtu 5 gallons Resurfacer ready to use
600-rtu 5 gallons Red ready to use
601-rtu 5 gallons Light green ready to use
612-rtu 5 gallons Dark green ready to use
613-rtu 5 gallons Tan ready to use
615-rtu 5 gallons Royal blue ready to use
603-100 5 gallons and 1 gallon White line paint
621cp 5 gallons and 1 gallon Crack patch
DPB-100 55 gallons and 5 gallons Deep patch binder
LCP-01 5 gallons and 53 gallons Latex Tennis Court Primer

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